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Welles keeps watching, sees the limo pull away and pass. Don't get too close, don't let it get too far away.

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Welles keeps watching, sees the limo pull away and pass. Don't get too close, m8m let it get too far away. Just keep with it. The cab set in motion. I'm sorry, that's company policy He watches some fuzzy ESPN on the t. They hands, drunk, heading to the street, looking for their limo. Welles lowers the camera, letting out a yawn. Welles is shoehorned dor his aisle seat, using tiny utensils to eat his tiny meal.

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Welles picks up his tray, closes his tray table, unbuckling his seatbelt, struggling to get up Welles nods, forcing a smile, sitting back down. He returns to toiling over his miniature supper. The airport is small, relatively isolated. Welles smiles Welles' wife, AMY, smiles when she sees him. Welles comes to her, embracing her, appreciating her. AMY Welcome home. They kiss, but Amy pulls away, sniffs him.

AMY What's this I'm not smoking.

AMY Your clothing reeks of it. I mean, is this what I get first thing?

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Before you even "hello," you accuse me AMY I'm not accusing you AMY Okay, I believe you. I've been on my best behavior. Welles bends to the stroller, picks up his infant daughter, CINDY, and hoists her in the air, overjoyed. I sure missed you He kisses the happy child, holding her in one arm. Welles pulls Amy close and kisses her again, le the way. Amy follows, pushing the stroller. AMY How's the detective business?

I'll tell you what, you couldn't pay me enough to live down there. AMY You better not be smoking, that's all I can say. Amy takes Welles hand, smiling at him. Standard, missionary position sex, little passion. They slow to a finish, uneventfully, holding each other. Their breathing quiets.

Welles kisses his wife again, rolls off of her and sits on the edge of the bed. Amy covers herself. AMY I love you.

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He looks towards her in the dark. He gets up, gets a towel from the bathroom and wraps it around him. Welles enters, goes to lean into the crib. What are you crying about, huh? He lifts and cradles Cindy, comforting her.

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Welles sits by the Pennsylvania state flag, watching. It's unpleasant, I know. I apologize I lookjng to warn my daughter, but what can you do? The politician shakes his head in disgust. Welles rises. If that's all If I can ever be of further assistance. Welles leaves, glances back, shuts the door.

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Welles' yard is modest, surrounding his modest split level suburban one in a neighborhood of similar homes and similar yards. Welles turns the lawnmower, stopping to mop his brow. One of his neighbors is repainting a back porch. The neighbor waves. Welles waves, s mowing. League Kooking. Every lane full. Mk hoists his ball, preparing to bowl. He takes three steps, releases One pin remains standing. Welles balls up looknig fists and curses, walks back towards his rowdy, mocking teammates.

He shouts back at them, laughing, grabbing his beer and drinking, waiting at the ball return. Welles and Amy eat at the kitchen table with Cindy in a high chair. Amy feeds Cindy between bites. Welles is still in his league shirt. AMY You think you'll have time for the water heater this weekend? I'll call the guy. AMY You're not using the same guy who tried to fix it?

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He was worthless. AMY Betty's out of town so we're playing next week. Welles nods, eating. He watches Amy feed Cindy. Welles goes to answer it. Welles picks up the phone and cups the receiver. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mk. Yes, I understand Welles listens, clears space on his desk, taking notes. Welles' car he down a long tree lined drive, to the dark mansion.


Far across the room, an old, sad woman, MRS. You're very prompt. Welles crosses towards them. It takes a while. Christian holds out her hand and Welles takes it. Welles shakes Longdale's limp hand, looking him over.


Longdale has something he feels he simply must say before you and I speak. I insisted on being here as soon as I heard Mrs. Christian contacted you. Christian's attorney and one of the executors of his estate, it concerns me that a meeting of this sort should take place without my being asked to attend. Christian has for engaging the services of a private investigator, I should certainly be a party to.

But, since she feels differently, I can only go on the record as having expressed my adamant disapproval. So you've gone on the record, and now perhaps you should just be gone. Longdale's irritated, but has no choice. He walks away.

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Christian begins pouring tea from the service on a table.