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Please Abstain.

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Please Abstain. Called Pimp On Me omfg. Idk Why Smh I called Britney so that we can have a session. I loved her pics that she posted both on this lisctcrawler and skipthegames and also seen her post for a long time.

In her ad on skipthegames and I quote her and she states "Tired of all the scams and trash" of which I took up to her word but this statement turns out so false. She is trash. Upon arriving to her location I called her to let her know I was there. When I did she told me to wait for a few minutes of which I did and then she gave me the room. I got to her room and low and behold its her. Harley her escorts and she greeted me very warmly.

She was wearing sandals, head wrapped with a white towel, short blond hair, underwear and a form of cami top. I came into the room and placed my donation of garley the hour on the table right by the door. At that time she was cleaning up her room so I went and used the bathroom. We started chatting about a lot of things for esccort good while. About the senate election, jobs, unemployment etc. I was completely undressed and she was still cleaning up. After she was done cleaning up which took 10 minutes she stated esdort will go pee and be back.

So I sit on the bed watching the tv but I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and she is still in the bathroom. I go up to the door and finally knock and call Britney to make sure she is ok and ploop she comes out 1 minute after I knocked. Literally stalling on my time I paid for. She came out with her atlanta wrapped in a towel. I then stated take off that towel and playfully go to her trying to see her naked and she refuses to let me take off the towel.

She puts me off but I didn't think much of it and let her be. She finally takes off the towel puts baby oil on her tits and pussy and finally comes out the corner near the bed as she was on her phone that was charging.

Harley atlanta escort

She then starts setting up the music not to loud but just right. I have a little bit of precum and she states "you need to put a bag on your cock as I won't do BBBJ due to pre cum". Everyone I have had prior to this woman never had an issue but this time I'm like come on now to her. Long story short I go to the bathroom use a baby wipe and washed my cock with water.

After that back on the bed. Her head game is good at best. I've experienced better but it's ok. She got into 69 as per my escort and continued giving me head and we had a good time. After a good while of her giving me a BBBJ we go into missionary. She loves being intimate in this position and I absolutely loved that. She wants you to stay as close as possible but if you start long stroking it or getting a little distant body wise she will complain and say get closer.

Made no sense but I stayed and did missionary in a way that was comfortable for me. I put a pillow under her ass to help her feel better. She doesn't like her feet being touched when in missionary but eventually that subsided. Feet are very soft to touch. We fuck in atlanta for a good while. Kiss all over her neck of which she is ticklish to and likes and then we go to doggy.

Meanwhile keep in mind she keeps complaining though while being harley. Stating you're cock is getting to far etc.

Like why is atlanra trying to dictate how much of a stroke I am doing but I ignored that and continued. Had her flip over to doggy and loved her petite body must I say. Gorgeous ass and love her tats on her ass. Her pussy is not loose and has some good grip.

I fucked her doggy but if you long stroke it aka half your cock comes out then in and out type of ordeal she complains LOL. It's not like I'm exiting and going in. This is where things turn for the worst.

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She starts stating if you keep stroking me like that I am going to get my pimp to deal with you. She states this as I'm fucking her doggy. I fuck her harder because I'm nearing my nut. I ignore all her nonsense comments. Tell her to shhhhhh each time she speaks and I keep stroking. Nearing my nut Esclrt take of my attlanta and bust a huge load all over her back and ass. She then starts complaining that was a really big load etc.

jarley Oh lord please help me LOL. I help her clean up and then I was set for my second nut. I paid for 1 hour and if anyone goes to her ad on the skipthegames it states msog. She states she doesn't do it but in her ad it states she does.

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Everyone who states escrot aka multiple shots on goal in date time frame aka my hour we keep going by default. Her on the other hand she will stop on your first nut. Since I asked her about it and stated other women usually continue she started threatening me again about she is going to call her pimp, her security etc to come deal with me.

I was polite and respectful the whole time. I made sure she was ok even when she was fiddling on her phone and saying she needs to build her confidence etc. When she came out of the shower with her towel on her body she refused to get naked. I absolutely have no idea. I came over to her and rubbed her back even started giving her a massage on her neck etc to make her feel better and comfortable but I digress. I harle not repeat because she complains to much during sex, will threaten you to get her pimp if you don't do what she says aka don't long dick her etc LOL, will waste your time doing other things even after getting paid and way to talkative.

This experience was mediocre at best. I have no idea why she was threatening me and being so defensive when I did nothing wrong. Harley shared atlanat she kept chatting etc my travel, what projects I've atlanta on at work etc. Like Hadley totally friendly then she starts projecting and saying nonsense. Like "why are atlantaa treating me so wrong". I've never mistreated a woman in my life. Just insane accusations at me from her. Anyways if she was not so iffy and threatening I'd highly recommend her but because of what I experienced I'd say tread carefully or better yet avoid if you're not haley talkative providers.

Britney threatening me to get harkey pimp etc multiple times made me harlry uncomfortable and that is straight up not good by any means for business. If she is being way to talkative you're in for a spin and she is stalling on purpose. Great ass, pussy wet she rubs in baby oilhead hsrley on the ok side but good.

Obliging to some request but I just wish the personality and attitude was consistent aka being nice and friendly the whole time. Idk why she all of a sudden changed on me. Why tf do I keep meeting horrible women and having bad experiences sheesh I'm getting sick of this now. This is getting insane now. I do nothing wrong and get accused of doing wrong.

This is a first for me. Please avoid this woman not good at all. She changed her on her ad and the she is trying to cloak in the listcrawler ad is the real one but oh well. Skipthegames has the correct. I will not repeat this woman ever. First time in my life a provider has ever threatened me like this is just insane. Cherry on the cake she in edcort called her pimp on me LOL. I'm the chilliest business man LOL and getting all this flack when I'm nice.

Experiences like this which is by far my worst is why I am so hesitant to meet different providers. This could of ended bad in so many ways smh and I'm on the brink of putting this hobby to rest. She is cloaking her on hatley LC because I told her she has some bad reviews I overlooked and said maybe I'll put my two cents as well on my bad experience.

Now all the atlanra reviews and comments gone. So now she is running from bad reviews.